7th Jun : Day - 01
8:30am - 9:25am
9:25am - 9:30am

Welcome Note

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9:30am - 9:45am

Opening Keynote Address: The Future of Healthcare: Where are we heading?

  • Mr. Ali Juma Alajme  
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Reserved: Mr Ali Juma Al Ajme, Director of Digital Health Department, Ministry of Health & Prevention UAE

9:45am - 10:00am

Keynote Presentation: Embarking on a Digital Journey to be future ready!

  • Mrs. Latifa Abuzanjal  
  • Online

Reserved: Mrs. Latifa Abuznajal, Acting Director of Digital Health & Performance Department, Emirates Health Services

10:00am - 10:20am

Presentation – – How Web3 will shift healthcare - Aimedis Avalon - the world's first healthcare metaverse

  • Mr. Amin Rad  
  • Online

Reserved: Amin Rad - Chief Legal Officer - Business Development & Growth Partner, Aimedis

10:20am - 10:40am

Presentation: “How New Technologies can impact Revenue Cycle Management for the Better”

  • Mr. Karim Kevin Dakki  
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Reserved: Karim Kevin Dakki - CEO & Co-Founder, Klaim

10:40am - 11:00am

Presentation: Fakeeh University Hospital: Reshaping Healthcare with Digital

  • Dr. Fatih Mehmet Gul  
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Reserved: Dr Fatih Mehmet Gul – Vice President- UAE & Growth Office, Fakeeh Care Group

11:00am - 11:35am

Interactive Panel Discussion: A digitally connected Healthcare Ecosystem: How important is it?

  • Mr. Jaleel Rahiman   Mr. Aliasgar Bohari   Mr. Qasim Abu Hantash   Mr. Abdulla Jaber Al Ali   Ms. Hana Ibrahim Abu Sharib   Mr. Angelo Maura  
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• Mr. Jaleel Rahiman – IT Director, Prime Healthcare Group
• Mr Aliasgar Bohari – Sr Director IT, Zulekha Healthcare Group
• Mr Qasim Abu Hantash - Senior Specialist, Dubai Health Authority
• Mr. Abdulla Jaber Al Ali - Section Head Innovation Ecosystem Enablement, Department of Health, Abu Dhabi
• Ms Hana Ibrahim Abu Sharib - Corporate Senior Nursing informatics Officer, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company – SEHA
• Mr Angelo Maura - General Manager, Middle East & Africa, Align Technology - Moderator

11:35am - 11:55am

Presentation – Evolving Global Landscape of Pharmaceutical Marketing to HCPs

  • Dr. Harshit Jain  
  • Online

Reserved: Dr Harshit Jain, Founder and Global CEO, Doceree

11:55am - 12:25pm
12:30pm - 12:50pm

Presentation – Digital Transformation initiatives in the Kingdom

  • Dr. Safaa Almajthoub  
  • Online

Reserved: Dr. Safaa Almajthoub – Strategy & Governance Director, Ministry of Health, KSA

12:50pm - 1:10pm

Presentation: Increase efficiency with document driven healthcare process

  • Mr. David Malan  
  • Online

Reserved: Mr David Malan, Regional Sales Director, Docuware

1:10pm - 1:30pm

Presentation: Integrated Payments - A step towards Omnichannel Payment System for Healthcare

  • Mr. Piyush Bhan  
  • Online

Reserved: Mr Piyush Bhan - Senior Vice President, International Business, Salucro Healthcare Solutions

1:30pm - 1:45pm

Presentation: New Era of Healthcare Delivery

  • Dr. Nahed AbdulKhaleq Monsef  
  • Online

Reserved: Dr Nahed Monsef – Director of Strategy & Governance, Dubai Health Authority

2:05pm - 2:40pm

Interactive Panel Discussion: Metaverse reshaping Healthcare

  • Ms. Salwa Jalal Al Blushi   Mr. Abid Shah   Dr. Naveen Hood   Mr. Mohamed G. Abdalmksoud   Dr. Samer Ellahham  
  • Online


    • Ms Salwa Jalal Al Blushi - Head of Digital Standards and Operations. Ministry of Health & Prevention, UAE

    • Mr Abid Shah – Group Chief Information Officer – Saudi German Health Group UAE

    • Dr Naveen Hood – Director of Operations, VPS Healthcare

    • Mr Mohamed Gamal Abdelmksoud – Group Information Technology Director, United Eastern Medical Services

    • .
    • Dr Samer Ellahham – Medical Director of the Continuous Improvement Department, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

2:40pm - 3:40pm
3:40pm - 4:00pm

Presentation: Technology reforming healthcare delivery (The role of technology in the changing Healthcare landscape)

  • Mr. Mohammed Shah  
  • Online

Reserved: Mr Mohammed Shah, Program Manager, Malaffi

4:00pm - 4:20pm

Presentation: Redefining Patient Experience through digital Transformation.

  • Ms. Summaya Abdul Karim  
  • Online

Reserved: Ms. Summaya Abdul Karim, Senior Patient Experience Officer, Burjeel Hospital

4:20pm - 4:55pm

Interactive Panel Discussion: The future of Telehealth & Telemedicine Solutions. Where are we? What can we expect?

  • Mr. Padam Kafle   Dr. Mouhamad Ghyath Jamil   Mr. Himanshu Puri   Mr. Ahmed Awada   Ms. Loubna Imenchal  
  • Online


    • Mr Padam Kafle – Head of IT. Aster Hospitals, UAE

    • Dr Mouhamad Ghyath Jamil, Director Tele(ICU) program, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre

    • Mr Himanshu Puri – Head of IT, King’s College Hospital London

    • Mr Ahmed Awada - Senior Manager Virtual Health, Mediclinic Middle East

    • .
    • Ms Loubna Imanchal - VP / Head of Enterprise Business, Logitech

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